05/21/12-Could Djibouti be around after President Ismail O. Guelleh?

Having been running the country just like General Ziad Barre ( the former head of State of Somalia); President Ismail O. Guelleh is turning one community against another, creating miss-trust among the Djiboutian Citizens, making the tiny Republic of the Horn Africa a Police State for the first time, ever since it gains its independence from France, Jun, 27, 1977.

It’s also a known fact that he rules the country similarly to Ali Arref (the former French Colonialism puppet)  with an iron fist. Anyone who opposes him - is and will be subjected of loosing his/her jobs, government contracts,  businesses and even end up in prison.

 To make a long story short; those Djiboutians’  Human rights are and will be grossly violated.

And he recently extended the Presidential terms as three terms through amending the Djiboutian Constitution; of course, with the help of some Members of Parliament (Deputes de L’Assemble National).

His first term as the President, 05, 1999 – his government policies was to consolidating all the powers into his hands, eliminating any progressive Opposition Parties, and systematically destroying any free and independent Press that existed under the protection of the 1992 constitution: la Realite, le Renouveau and La Republique Newspapers., etc - either they were responsible, fair or balance, is debatable; and/or beside the point in this particular issue. But the Djiboutian should never have let the IOG close them down, period.

The question, though that every Djiboutian and friends ought to be asking him/herself today is: could the Republic of Djibouti going to be spared after President Ismail O. Guelleh?

Some people would definitely argue positively and others would say never Djibouti would end up like Somalia. Although, they might not come up with any rational explanation that; what will make Djibouti different than other collapsing African countries? They might not as well come up with a solution to avoid similar fate.

 Sadly though, some of our people deeply believe United States or France will no doubt let Djibouti fall, simply, the presence of their Army Forces.

Unfortunately those individuals have yet to grasp the reason they are in Djibouti in the first place.
Some of Djiboutians would still naively think France will prevent a civil war similar to Somalia. Not knowing the same French Government – Left or Right wings for that matter – are praying the destruction of Djibouti ever since, the President IOG proclaimed: ‘Djibouti is no longer needs France’, on Jeune Afrique magazine.

 And France influence are slipping away as a result of aggressive Chinese and American foreign Policies towards Africa in general.

Africans are made believe that the cold war is over, but hot war has just begun for Africa – which drives the Competition between China and United States for African raw-materials and Market.

Therefore,  the French Multinational Companies (MEDEF) who felt the President Guelleh is on their way of exploiting the country’ s international ports and its strategig importance.

 Especially French company, Bolore, who lost the bet of the International Ports of Djibouti to DP.WORLD of Dubai.

French elites are known indirectly undermining President IOG and destabilizing the Republic of Djibouti purposely – and deceptively encouraging Eritrea to occupy Djibouti’s territory in order to put pressure Mr. Ismail O. Guelle’s administration.

If that strategy won’t work for them, perhaps they are thinking of replacing him a satellite or puppet Government against the will of the Djiboutian People - perhaps some times in near future.
Yet the President continue employing the outdated and destructive political theory of ‘Nicola Machiavelli, (the Prince), ‘how to maintain the power through divide and conquer. We hope the President would think how he will be remember.

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